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New Patina Artist: Leigh Hodgkinson

We are very pleased to welcome our new Patina artist, Leigh Hodgkinson!

We asked Leigh a couple of questions to get to know her better.

What do you make?

Any ideas that I get excited about and can't stop thinking about. They feature lots of characters (humans/animals/imagined). And they are made out of anything and everything (wool/concrete/tiles/wood). I LOVE colour, shape and pattern - so my work has a lot of that.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work

I work as a children's book author and illustrator. My work as an illustrator is usually a mix of ink drawing, collage and digital. I also make/craft/build/design things.

What's your favourite colour?

I like stripes as then you can be greedy and use all the colours you like! I really like colour combinations - like mustard and hot pink, or teal and bright blue.

What's the best thing you've ever made?

Ha - probably my 2 children!

What's your favourite Patina theme?

I really loved the 2019 childhood stories theme (Once upon a Moving On)

What's your favourite song?

Tricky one - depends what mood I am the moment it is a live recording of Amy Winehouse's "Valerie", last week it was Flight of the Concorde's "Jenny"

How did you become an artist?

I did Art Foundation, then a Graphic Design degree, then Animation Direction at the NFTS. Although I think even if I had not studied creative things I will have still turned out the same. I am driven by an impulse to express myself creatively. If I don't, I would probably explode or get very depressed.

What do you think of when you think of Lewes?

Vibrant, creative and anarchic.

Where is your favourite place in Lewes?

The woods above Landport Bottom (even though my favourite tree fell down).

Describe yourself in three words

Chaotic, creative, maximalist.

What's your favourite medium to work with?

At the moment it is tile mosaic and wool (not in the same projects, of course, although.....)

Did you always want to be an artist?

I don't think I thought about it much when I was a child as I was too busy making things! I didn't really want to grow up as being an adult seemed scary/boring. I think living a creative life is a socially acceptable way of not growing up. I really wanted to spend my time doing something I loved and believed in - and I feel lucky that I have been able to do that.

What gives you most joy?

Listening to music and being immersed in something creative.

Who is your favourite artist?

Gah another hard question. I love the creative energy and authenticity of outsider art. I have always loved the work of Paul Klee, Saudi and Picasso. At the moment I am obsessed with the work of lots of contemporary illustrators - particularly Monica Fosberg, Carson Ellis and Isabel Greenberg.

What is your favourite piece of art?

Impossible to answer....probably paintings that my children did when they were younger which are so joyful and expressive (and are on the wall in our house).

When did you start working with Patina?

Just now!

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