Our Moving On theme for 2021 is “Wild in the Woods!”


After so long in lockdown protecting family and friends, we wanted the children to have a theme that celebrated freedom, fun, adventure and a love of the great outdoors. Over 460 children have learnt about the life of trees, woodland habitats and species, together with stories and folklore inspired by our native woodland.


Through specialist presentations from the Sussex Wildlife Trust, they have learnt about the role trees play in our environment and the many fascinating species that live in the woodland habitats. With the assistance of our professional artists, the children are creating carnival costumes that will be a moving forest of young people.


Each school will represent a native tree and carry a representation of their tree at the front of their school group. The children have been invited to attach their wishes for the future to the branches of the tree. All these structures will come together at the end of the parade to make a beautiful children’s “Wish Tree” installation in the Paddock.


The Wish Tree will be exhibited so that our community can read the wishes and support our children in creating the future they are wishing for. It can be seen at Old Hamsey Church floral week-end on 3 and 4 July.