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Patina Presentations

The month of May was super busy for the Patina Team and our partners this year Greencuisine and Movingsounds going into 15 schools to present this year's them of "Welcome To Our Table".

The school's Reps had chosen a number in our "allotment" back in April which corresponded to a list of locally grown fruit and vegetables. So at each presentation the Year 6 children got to find out which fruit or vegetable they had got!

Daphne Lambert from Greencuisine and Keith Ellis from Movingsounds talked and sung about the rich diversity of produce grown locally and the superpowers we get from eating fresh seasonal food. There was so much excitement as each school found out which locally grown fruit or vegetable they will represent in the parade!

The children then had some time with their Patina artist to start coming up with ideas for their costumes. The children let their imaginations grow in designing their wonderful costumes with the amazing Patina artists. We just love seeing the creative ideas from the children.

Schools are a hive of activity as the delicious costumes are made and Moving On will be a wonderful walking allotment on 5 July. We look forward to cheering the children on so our seedlings feel how cherished and rooted they are in our community.   

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