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Many thanks

We have had to say goodbye to many people wonderful people in 2023 and we just wanted to say a big thank you from the Patina team.

Nikki Gunson

Nikki Gunson, one of our incredible Patina artists has been with us since the very beginning of Moving On! That's an amazing 21 years. She has made amazing artwork with thousands of children. 2023 was sadly her last year so we wanted to say a huge thanks to Nikki for her massive contribution to Moving On. 

Phil Rose

Head of Patina production since the early days of Patina. You have made Moving On possible with your big smile and amazing costumes. Thank you so much to Phil Rose for being such an important part of Moving On.

Peter Earl

Many thanks go to Peter Earl who has been head of the Stewards for Moving On for as long as we can remember. Without Peter and his wonderful team of Stewards we just wouldn't be able to run Moving On. Thank you for your dedication over the years.

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