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Kaleidoscope Drama Workshops

We have been working with the wonderful children's drama group Kaleidoscope this year.

The fantastic team from Kaleidoscope, Deirdre, Robyn, Mel and Betty have delivered our workshops to all participating schools. Kaleidoscope went into each of the schools with the Patina artists to reveal the play that each school would be in the Parade and run drama workshops to explore that plays’ stories and characters before the costume design process started.

The Kaleidoscope team were amazing at getting the children moving and into character. They revealed each play by recreating the atmosphere of the Olivier Award Ceremony, a Year 6 student volunteered to come up and act the host and got to open the envelope and announcing the play in front of all of their peers to loud whoops and cheers.

The children then went on to explore their play through the storyline, the main characters and some key moments in the play. They explored techniques like freeze frames, frozen pictures and thought tracking.

One school teacher commented that this had gone down really well. “Such a great example of cross curricular work and wonderful experience for the children”.

The children then went back to their classrooms with their Patina artist full of inspiration for their play ready to start planning their costumes.

Kaleidoscope is an award winning children's drama school. They boost confidence and nurture creativity with popular Dance classes, Drama classes, Musical Theatre Classes, Youth Theatre, Film & TV Acting, LAMDA Exams, Holiday clubs and week long Summer Schools. They place huge emphasis on developing social skills like active listening. They teach children and young people how to speak clearly and confidently in front of others. They have Summer Schools starting this July and August for a wide range of year groups. To find out more about the wonderful Kaleidoscope click below.

Kaleidoscope will be performing at our popular post Moving On event, Twilight Tales, which is taking place in The Paddock on Friday 7th July 7-10pm.

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