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cooking-up Kooky cupcakes

On Wednesday 12th June we borrowed Human Nature's Sheds to host a day of making 15 Kooky Cupcakes for this year's Moving On Parade. Our theme this year of 'Welcome To Our Table.'

We had some wonderful parent helpers who came and helped make the cupcake structures from withy and masking tape, cover the withy shapes with wet-strength tissue and PVA glue and cut out fabric squares for a big table cloth.

A big thanks to our talented Patina Artists who led the session Sarah Walpole, Sandrine Case, Mary Fellowes and Leigh Hodgkinson.

The cupcakes will be delivered to each school for them to decorate with their chosen fruit or vegetable and their school name. These will then be carried at the front of each school group in the Moving On Parade.

We can't wait to see them in the Parade! There will be a chance to see them at our evening event on 5 July, Big Picnic in the Paddock from 6-9.30pm.

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