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Route Map & Timings

map 23.jpg

12.30pm prompt          Parade leaves the Paddock, and takes the following route:

                                      Paddock Road, New Road and Westgate Lane, left onto High Street, down School                                         Hill, along Cliffe Precinct and Cliffe High Street, loop right along Foundry Lane,                                               Farncombe Road, Morris Road, back onto Cliffe High Street, along Cliffe Precinct,                                         up School Hill, right on to Market Street, left on to Market Lane, right on to Fisher                                        Street, through Mount Pleasant, left into Paddock Road and into the Paddock.

1.45pm                        Parade returns to the Paddock, stays in formation in a circle. We will have the                                                 ceremonial making of the stage, the samba band will play, and we can do the                                                 Moving On dance to end the celebrations.

3pm                             Schools start to leave. 

7pm – 10pm                 Twilight Tales

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