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we're making history - 2020

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We had already announced the 2021 "We're Making History" Moving On theme when the Covid 19 pandemic struck. Little did we know what an historic year it would be. Faced with the very difficult circumstances for everyone, we were determined that the children of 2020 would have their Moving On moment no matter what and that we would give them something positive to focus on and participate in through the pandemic. We decided to create a virtual parade with the children making and filming avatar puppets in historic costume, for all to see.


We had the challenge of reaching the children who were in lockdown in their houses, engaging them in the project and teaching them how to make their avatars. Our amazing artists made 32 bespoke videos revealing the era that each school would represent, inspiring the children's design ideas and showing them how to make their avatars from toilet roll tubes, something every household would have access to in lockdown. Never having tried to do Moving On in this way before, we were thrilled to receive fantastic videos and photos back from hundreds of children who responded to the idea right across the area. We were blown away by the children's creations and put all the footage of their magnificent avatars together into a Catwalk Through Time film which we launched on Moving On day.

We also created a moving community message of support video for the Moving On children and a video of messages from local children to their counterparts in lockdown in our twin towns. Because these were unprecedented times posing enormous challenges for everyone, Patina heavily subsidised all the 2020 Moving On activities from our emergency reserves to make sure the children were celebrated no matter what. 


Moving On 2020 was selected as outstanding in the Sussex Together celebration of artwork created in lockdown, in Chichester Cathedral. 

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